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At the Kind Café our focus is on plants. We are proud to share food that is as close to the earth as possible. Everything we offer can be eaten by those who can't eat gluten. We use local and organic products whenever possible. 

We are a values driven business and what we care most about is the health of our lives and our planet. We are living in a time with so much information surrounding nutrition and the health of our planet, it can be exhausting trying to constantly make the 'right' decision.


At Kind, we want to make it easy for you - it doesn't need to be confusing. Our goal is to empower our customers to eat mindfully - through a food experience that is simple, natural and does not compromise in taste.

Making a difference in this world is possible (and is possible through our food). Being even just a little bit more intentional, with not only our food choices, but in all of our choices and actions, will have a ripple effect in our lives and with the people around us - which in turn will contribute to a kinder world. 


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